The Art of Worldly Wisdom is a book written in by Baltasar Gracián y Morales, better known as Baltasar Gracian. It is a collection of maxims, each with. The Art of Worldly Wisdom has ratings and reviews. 7jane said: This book wasn’t quite what I expected, yet it was still a good experience. If y. 74 quotes from The Art of Worldly Wisdom: ‘Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it.’.

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Certamente non un cinico.

Let the third stage be spent entirely with yourself: Although these condensed insights and suggestions come down to us from almost years ago, their relevance to our experience today is striking and proves the depth of these maxims. Praise awakens curiosity, which begets desire, and later, when the goods seem overpriced, as often happens, expectation feels cheated and avenges itself by running down the praised and the praiser. True eminences are rare, so temper your esteem. The only book you will ever need to put your best face forward, guard against people, and generally be prepared for anything that life can throw your way.

Not all were born into a period worthy of them, and many so born failed to benefit by it. Also, this translation is, I feel, much better than those I’ve seen marketed under the variant title Art of Worldly Wisdom. The language used is not contemporary, and it has been translated I am sure with the inflections of the translator. He published his books without authorizations. Le strategie estetiche corrispondono a quelle morali.


Considering that it is still amazing relevant today despite being first published init is a classic masterpiece. There’s is also some certainty that the author read “The Prince” since it came out earlier than this book, which came out in ; the fact that the author of this present book was a Jesuit no doubt helped, since I do know Jesuits have been thought of as cunning, both in positive and negative sense.

His proto-existentialist writings were lauded by Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. Not everything can turn out well, and you can’t please everyone. Perhaps I could have done things better, or perhaps I could have learned some lessons less painfully.

Fu in conflitto con il suo ordine, per avere pubblicato scritti senza il loro permesso. Language and writing are rooted in the physical world, and their earthbound metaphysical potencies are limited by their human-animal exponents.

The Art of Worldly Wisdom Index

Jan 20, Feathers Scott rated it it was amazing. We are born to know and to know ourselves, and books reliably turn us into people.

But all may not do this, and not all who may, know how. Lists with This Book.

Help us introduce it to baltjasar by writing a better introduction for it. Exaggeration wastes distinction and testifies to the paucity of your understanding and taste.

The Art of Worldly Wisdom Quotes

I think it should be on everyone’s essential reading list. So look for a scapegoat, someone whose own ambition will make him a worldky target.

Be the first to ask a question about The Art of Worldly Wisdom. Dio worlxly viene quasi mai nominato in questo suo libro. To ask other readers questions about The Art of Worldly Wisdomplease sign up. The author stresses the importance of taking ever-changing circumstances into account, as aphrosim’s tips may not apply on every occasion. Un frammento ci indica come manovrare, un altro come difendersi.


This is timeless in its wisdom–I would add I don’t agree with everything he says and that although he can be spiritual at times, this is a guide of “Worldly Wisdom” and something that as a Jesuit priest he was sometimes condemned for this worldlyness She sets to rights even the understanding.

Quotes from The Tye of Worldl But at the bottom it is a fine analysis of the social reports and way to evolve in society. Translated to English by Joseph Jacobs in Fan of this book? His demand was not met, but his sanction was eased off: I read this book everyday. Theological writing, much like the religious experience, is defined in ways that diminish and ridicule its very existence.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The imagination weds the wish, and together they always conjure up more than reality can furnish. This was done in the ‘s, so it has the tone of the English that was spoken at the time. Feb 27, Philippe Malzieu rated it it was amazing. The style is laconic, which I like since it keeps the message clearly floating.