DownloadBedini energizer building manual pdf. Free Download 8 42 a. When ready, you should get a confirmation. Travis Outlaw – Amnesty Clause hey, my. REPLICATE THE BEDINI RADIANT CHARGING PHENOMENON .. BUILDING THE FRAME. UPDATED COIL WINDING INSTRUCTIONS BY LEE. . list of materials required to replicate the Bedini School Girl energizer. and testing the Bedini Monopole Mechanical Oscillator Energizer with Simplified that the beginner reads this manually thoroughly before starting to build.

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Attach the other end of this wire to the trigger negative post which issecond from the right.

And all the wires in that groupwill be the positive ends. The magnets on the rotor all have the north poles facing out.

Italso feeds the negative output on the far right. Take one wire end from one group and attach it toone probe of the voltmeter. First cut out the bottom piece. So a safetyvalve is created through the neon bulb. John Bedini knows fromexperience that the only way to understand this technology is to build a system and see itin action. The ohm and buildimg ohm resistors should be amnual watts or more capacity. I know it puts somecharge even in a AAA 1.

If the magnet does not push away switch the wires and do itagain. So be verycautious not to rely on the neon to save the transistors under high rpm for any length oftime. Check that the coil wires are all securely connected. Skateboard bearings are 7mm inner diameter. But the base is flexible so long as it holds the components in properrelationship to each other.

Wellall skateboard wheels are perfect for holding skateboard bearings. Once all the magnets are in place and wrapped with tape you will want to balancethe rotor.



Attaching the coil to the base: Here is a picture of a 6 coil system in progress. As with any circuit the component usage and theconnections can not be changed and still get the expected results. Once all five strands are stretched out you need to twistthem together. The width of your blade is fine for the width of the slot. bullding

Bedini-Energizer-Building-Manual Pages 1 – 32 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Skateboard bearings are intended to be asfree wheeling as possible for more speed. When the coil repels the magnet it moves away and the voltage in the triggerwinding goes to zero. So the faster the magnets go past the coil the more pulses of radiant energy hit thebattery and the faster the charge rate. The shaft supports will be installed centered left to right on the bottom piece. But instead of using the mechanical output, we are concerned with tappingradiant energy that is a result of the rapid switching rates of the circuit.

The resistors just need to be the same values. It is not real critical how muchtwist there is, but it most likely improves performance. If you substituted a 1N for the 1N it would still work. The Kitty Hawk uses a large wirecoil.

But even beyond thatwith radiant technology you will not get good results if your transistors are not suited forradiant energy production. Again batteries can be charged in parallel or series. You can make the upper corners rounded or curved for esthetics if you have the abilityand are so inclined.

View in Fullscreen Report. The connections from top to bottom are trigger positive, input negative or ground, input There is very little current and no heating involved. It goes through two resistorstotaling ohms for each transistor. This is a picture of an expanded version we call the Cactus Express.


The twisting provides for better mutual inductance and handling. The electromagnet coil now repels the magnetand as the magnet leaves the transistor turns off. There are a few online sources for this.

The base is made of a non magnetic material. Lower voltages might bjilding therotor but the charging will be poor. We make the base ofmelamine. You will need some strong electrical tape for the winding process. So for aone or two coil system the ohms is bedii best balance between current draw andcharging output.

Of course you need an inverter to change the 12 volts DC to volts AC, the same that comes from your wall socket in the U. Before we start wiring the coil to the circuit if you have not already done so,verify which end of the coil wires need to be connected to battery positive to cause therotor to spin.

Thenafter making sure I know which is the north face of the magnet and with my hot melt gluegun already heated I place glue on the magnet, quickly apply it to the rotor and hold itdown for 10 seconds trying to get it as flat as possible. If the probes are not touching the ends of onewire then no electricity can flow between the probes because there is no conductorbetween them.

The other end of eachwire should have a battery clamp on it if you are running from a battery. You will only need one bearing on the outside of each wheel.