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In so far as European Union law does not lay down specific provisions, the law of each Member State shall apply to data entered in its N. A Member State issuing an alert shall be responsible for ensuring that the data are accurate, up-to-date and entered in SIS II lawfully.

Where confusion may arise between the person actually intended as the subject of an alert and a person whose identity has been misused, the Member State which entered the alert shall, subject to that person’s explicit consent, add data relating to the latter to the alert in order to avoid the negative consequences of misidentification. The information on persons in relation to whom an alert has been issued shall be no more than the following:. An arrangement should be made to allow representatives of Iceland and Norway to be associated with the work of committees assisting the Commission in the exercise of its implementing powers.

For a transitional period, the Commission should be responsible for the operational management of Central SIS II and of parts of the communication infrastructure. If the measures envisaged are not in accordance with the opinion of the Committee, or if no opinion is delivered, the Commission shall, without delay, submit to the Council a proposal relating to the measures to be taken.

Requests for supplementary information made by other Member States shall be answered as soon as possible. It shall not be possible to search the data files of other Member States’ N.

This overall evaluation shall include an examination of results achieved against objectives, and an assessment of the continuing validity of the underlying rationale, the application of this Decision in respect of Central SIS II, the security of Central SIS II and any implications for future operations. Dedizia Member State that issued the alert shall check the communication and, if necessary, correct or delete the item in question without delay.

Drcizia agreement shall be reached on the basis of the exchange of supplementary information. A joint report of activities shall be sent to the European Parliament, the Council, the Commission and the Management Authority every two years.


The costs of setting up, operating and maintaining each N. Users, including Europol, the national members of Eurojust and their assistants, may only access data which they require for the performance of their tasks.

Such an alert may be issued for the purposes of prosecuting criminal offences and for the prevention of threats to public security: The Commission shall be responsible for all other tasks relating to the Communication Infrastructure, in particular: EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.

It is necessary to lay down special provisions regarding the part of the budget earmarked for the operations of SIS which is not part of the general budget of the European Union. The European Data Protection Supervisor shall ensure that an audit of the Management Authority’s personal data processing activities is 5333 out in accordance with international auditing standards at least every four years.

The personal data processed in the context of the implementation of this Decision should be protected in accordance with the principles of the Convention. This Decision respects the fundamental rights and observes the principles recognised in particular by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Antonin Scalia

Alerts on objects entered for discreet checks or specific checks should be automatically erased from the SIS II after a period of five years. The records shall show, in particular, the history of the alerts, the date and time of the data transmission, the data used to perform a search, a reference to the data transmitted and the name of both the competent authority and the person responsible for processing the data.

They may do so for the sole purpose of avoiding misidentification. The principles set out in the Convention should be supplemented or clarified in this Decision where necessary. The national supervisory authorities and the European Data Protection Supervisor, each acting within the scope of its respective competences, shall cooperate actively in the framework of their responsibilities and shall ensure coordinated supervision of SIS II.

Requested information shall be communicated to the requesting Member State through the exchange of supplementary information. This shall be done through the exchange of supplementary information.

EUR-Lex – D – EN – EUR-Lex

However, at the behest of idn competent judicial authority under national law, either on the basis of a general instruction or in a specific case, a flag may also be required to be added to an alert for arrest for surrender purposes if it is obvious that the execution of the European Arrest Warrant will have to be refused. Each Member State shall apply its rules of professional secrecy or other deciizia duties of confidentiality to all persons and bodies required to work with SIS II data and supplementary information, in accordance with its national legislation.


Alerts on persons entered in SIS II pursuant to decizi Decision shall be kept only for the time required to achieve the purposes for which they were entered. Each Member State shall ensure that an independent authority the national supervisory authority monitors independently the lawfulness of the processing of SIS II personal data on their territory and its transmission from their territory, and the exchange and further processing of supplementary information.

During a transitional period before the Management Authority takes up its decizai, the Commission shall be responsible for the operational management of Central SIS II. Technical rules on searching alerts should take into account the smooth operation of national applications. The right of persons to have access to data relating to them entered in SIS II in accordance with this Decision shall be exercised in accordance with the law of the Member State before which they invoke that right.

The expenditure involved in the operation of Central SIS II and related communication infrastructure should be charged to the general budget of the European Union.

In the long term, and following an impact assessment, containing a substantive analysis of alternatives from financial, operational and organisational perspective, and legislative proposals from the Ddin, a management authority with responsibility for these tasks should be established.

Decizia / | Legislatie gratuita

Data relating to a person whose identity has been misused shall be used only for the following purposes:. The votes of the representatives of the Member States within the Committee shall be weighted in the manner set out in that Article. Any communication of information obtained from such a search may only be communicated to third countries and third bodies with the consent of the Member State which issued the alert.

If the Member State executing the alert is able to do so, it shall take the necessary steps to ensure that the action to be taken can be carried out immediately. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website.