Recomendacoes tecnicas sobre gergelim; regiao Centro-Sul do Brasil. EMBRAPA. Centro Nacional de Pesquisa do Algodao (Campina Grande, PB). DESEMPENHO AGRONÔMICO DE GENÓTIPOS DE GERGELIM (Sesamum indicum L.) SOB Pesquisadora, Doutora, EMBRAPA, CNPA, Campina Grande. O trabalho foi realizado em dezembro de , na Embrapa Algodão, de onde foram retirados discos foliares de gergelim para serem mensurados os índices.

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All evaluations, except of production, were carried out at 90 days after emergence DAE.

Adaptation and acclimation mechanisms. Conclusions Sesame genotypes did not differ statistically and there were differences in the variables between the water replenishment rates.

At 95 DAE, harvest was done manually by cutting the whole plant at soil level. In the sesame plants evaluated, chlorophyll contents ab and total fitted to a quadratic polynomial model Figure 3A, B and C and their maximum estimated values Plant gegrelim relationships have been widely investigated under water deficit conditions, and leaf water content is accepted as an indicator of plant water conditions.

Objective of this study was to gergflim the physiological, biochemical and productive aspects of sesame genotypes as a function of different rates of water replenishment. Such behavior may indicate that sesame plants are more susceptible to the stress caused by geergelim of water than the one caused by its absence, corroborating the claim of Arriel et al. Sesamol, with its antioxidant properties, promotes high chemical stability in the oil, preventing rancidification.


Yield was estimated based on the production obtained in the evaluation area of the experimental plot. O produtor pergunta, a Embrapa responde. Revista Brasileira de Fisiologia Vegetal, v.

Processo de elaboração de extrudados não expandidos (pellets) de milho e sementes de gergelim.

Gergelum, in these regions, irrigation can be used to supplement rainfall, which leads to improvement in the growth, development and yield of crops. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Sesame Sesamum indicum L.

Journal of Botany, v. The genotypes did not differ statistically and there were differences in the variables between the water replacement rates. The experimental plot comprised four rows, and the two central rows were used for evaluations.

High contents of these compounds can reduce the activity of enzymes, cause peroxidation of lipids, oxidation of proteins and, in the most advanced stage, kill the cell Sharma et al. Methods in comparative plant ecology, London: A method for the extraction of chlorophyll from leaf tissue without maceration. For soil chemical characterization, according to the methodology of Carmo et al.

In the last years, many studies have been carried out using sesame, usually involving spacing, plant density and irrigation Pinto et al. Plants protect their cells and subcellular compartments from cytotoxic effects caused by ROS by using antioxidant enzymes, such as catalase and peroxidase.


Juvenile growth in three vines in India. In the sesame genotypes evaluated here, the maximum estimated relative water content RWC Canadian Journal of Botany, v. Determining the content of carotenoids in plants subjected to some sort of stress gergeliim very important, due to their role in the dissipation of the gergepim intercepted.

Simulating forest shade to study the development ecology of tropical plants: Canadian Journal of Botany, v. Rapid estimates of relative water content.

Non destructive analysis of photosynthetic pigments in leaves of Sesamum indicum (L.)

Thus, it is necessary to identify the physiological, biochemical and productive embrala related to the tolerance to stress. In special, to Dr. To the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation Embrapa Cotton for providing the structure needed to conduct this study. For the content of carotenoids, maximum estimated value Water deficit is closely related to the loss of pigments and, consequently, to the reduction in the photosynthetic and productive capacity of plants.

According to Sharma et al.