management and formulation of norms related to surveillance / inspection of per list finalized by CPCB, which identified 85 types of industrial. Pollution Control Board may prescribe more stringent norms as . June organised by CPCB and Ministry of Environment & Forests an. Now commonly known as GPCB – Gujarat Pollution Control Board, was constituted .. Norms for Flue Gases Emitted from Kiln Stack using Gas generator from.

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We had again taken up this issue of non-compliance with the concerned authorities but there has been no-response in terms of actions on ground from the concerned authorities as if silence is your reply or being non-committal is your commitment to the environment. Relieve Order of A. See also [ edit ] Awaaz Foundation Non-governmental organization in Mumbai India, works towards preserving and enhancing environment and for other socially oriented causes. By inaugurating this plant, Mr.

However, the pursuit for progress should not be at the cost of Mother Nature because ultimately as responsible citizens of the state, it behooves on us to leave an environment good enough to be relished, by our future generation.

Ceramic Industries provided with chimney. The Government also would like to explore the possibility of introducing a system of compliance of environmental norms collectively for a group of industries at the discharge point. State agencies of Gujarat State pollution control boards of India Environmental agencies of country subdivisions Government agencies established in establishments in India Indian government stubs Environmental agency stubs.


Scientific Assistant On Contract. At the same time, in order to avoid any possible penal action, the Government expects the industries to comply with the provisions of law.

nirms Having realized this fact, the Government of Gujarat from time to time has taken several pro-active measures to ensure that the industries adhere to the stipulated norms pertaining to environment.

Coke Oven B-products and Coalter Distillation products Industrial Gases nitrogen, acetylene, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, haloganited hydro-carbon, ozone etc. The Government will encourage industries to use cleaner technologies.

Details of Board Analyst and Laboratories. In order to reduce the cost of compliance to environmental norms, the Government has accepted the concept of sewage dilution in principle. Man made Fibre cellulosic and non-cellulosic Industries. The industries are required to make separate applications at different points of time onrms obtain these clearances and they were issued for a period of one year.

Government also encourages efforts gpcn plantation of trees and other environment protection initiatives.

GPCB – What does GPCB stand for? The Free Dictionary

borms Before however considering the proposed policy initiatives, it would be worthwhile to recapitulate some of the initiatives taken in the recent past and the achievements thereof.

This would also facilitate planned and organized development of various industrial estates. Training schedule for the new recruits. Gujarat would boast of having the highest number of common effluent treatment plants for treatment of effluents generated in different estates. Page under construction Read more.

Environmental Managers Training Program – Nov.


Welcome to GPCB

The copies of these reports are attached with the letter. This also would open up the possibilities of setting up recycling parks. National Award for e-Governance. Compensation through Carbon Credit Exchange Programme It is proposed that a coordinating nodal agency will be created under Industries Commissionerate to help trading of the carbon credits announced under the Kyoto Protocol for the benefit of Gujarat industries and utilities g;cb are desirous of upgrading their equipment under this programme.

Minutes of the pre bid meeting.

Normx does government disburse the cost to tax payers when industries pollute? Gujarat Cleaner Production Award Minutes of the Technical Committee Meeting Commercial plantation on the basis of the treated effluents could also be promoted to put a check on illegal cutting of forests and trees.

Next date of the hearing is 12 March The state would identify and accredit such agencies and provide facilitation for the same.

The Government of Gujarat also appreciates and accepts the fact that industries are mature enough to shoulder some part of the responsibility for maintaining a cleaner environment. This would not only ensure conservation norrms resources but also reduce the burden on environment. In fact, the Government would like to plan all the new estates with well-organized recycling park for ensuring recycling of plastics, containers, glass, steel etc.